Foundation Seminar

Starting in October 2016 the first year of the teacher training course will again be replaced with  a  Foundation Seminar. This course offers an ideal opportunity for those interested to explore the ideas of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner at a deeper level under the guidance of experienced teachers, and in a supportive group setting. The achievements inspired by Steiner’s insights can be seen throughout the world today and attract those who wish to work out of new impulses in the fields of education, agriculture, the arts, social therapy and education for special needs, natural sciences and medicine.
The Seminar is designed to meet those who want to acquaint themselves with, or deepen their understanding of, Rudolf Steiner’s world view, and also wish to explore and develop their artistic abilities. A balanced curriculum, highlighting the many practical applications of Steiner’s ideas will be augmented by varied artistic activities.
For further information or to apply, please contact Astrid Maclean on .
Those successfully completing this Foundation Seminar can then start a two year teacher training programme the following year.
Further information can be found by downloading the pdf. 2016-17 Fnd Seminar 1