The course aims to build a sound foundation in Steiner/Waldorf teacher education through a combination of direct teaching, guided study, artistic practice and independent work. The lively and varied programme has wide appeal and is suitable for a range of individuals and interest areas.

The course specialises is preparing students for the Class Teacher period (covering pupil aged 6 – 14 years) and offers a balance of creative activity and academic study. Artistic training is provided in Eurythmy (movement art), Creative Speech, Painting, Drawing, Modelling, Form Drawing and Storytelling. The study modules include Mathematics, Sciences, Education and Child Development, essential texts by Rudolf Steiner and the work of the Kindergarten (3 ½ – 6 years), the Lower School (6 – 14 years) and the Upper School (14 – 18 years).

The close connection with the Edinburgh Steiner School means that there are also ample opportunities for teaching observation and practice in all areas of the school: Kindergarten, Lower School and Upper School. Teaching observation and practice is arranged individually for each student, in accordance with their family and/or working life.

Steiner/Waldorf education is the fastest growing educational movement in the world. There is a constant need for Steiner/Waldorf trained teachers worldwide. Graduates of the course have found teaching posts in many Steiner schools in the UK and abroad.

The Edinburgh Steiner Teacher Training Course builds a sound foundation in Steiner/Waldorf teacher education through –

  • Direct teaching
  • Guided study
  • Artistic practice
  • Independent work

Please note that the course does not offer a state recognised teaching qualification.


Who is it for?

The lively and varied programme has wide appeal. Current and past students include:

  • Prospective Class Teachers
  • Parents looking for new inspiration or greater understanding of Steiner schools and Steiner education
  • Those dissatisfied with their current careers
  • Those keen to explore a new perspective on the human being and the world
  • Teachers wanting to learn new approaches to take back to their own schools
  • Those in the caring professions/those interested in working in caring professions

The course is recognised by many Steiner/Waldorf schools throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.


Course Tutors







Astrid Maclean, Course Co-Director/Teacher Training Tutor: Astrid has been teaching at the Edinburgh Steiner School for 27 years after graduating from the Teacher Training Course in 1985. Her extensive experience includes roles as a Class Teacher in the Lower School as well as teaching German, Handwork and Art. She has also acted as an advisor to the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.


Specialist Tutors: A host of specialist tutors form part of the regular faculty staff. These individuals teach Eurythmy, Creative Speech, Drawing and Anthroposophical studies.


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Images: Mary Snow with former student (top). Storytelling practice in 2nd year (below).